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Unlock Your Full Potential with Transcendental Meditation

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Discover the Transformative Power of TM

6 million Transcendental Meditation practitioners around the world as well as 350 studies published over 40 years show that Transcendental Meditation is the one of the most successful techniques ever researched, and is a proved solution for stress reduction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia and more.
In addition, the practice of Transcendental Meditation has been found to greatly enhance self-confidence and develop creative potential.

Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural, and easy technique

Anyone can learn! It only takes 20 minutes of practice twice a day for us to start noticing results. Most practitioners report that the practice is so enjoyable that they look forward to those 20 minutes.

Most people assume that meditation is a form of concentration (on sound, breathing or various ideas such as: “being here and now”). In methods of concentration a lot of training is usually required, and they are usually not very enjoyable.

The Transcendental Meditation technique on the other hand, was revived 60 years ago when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi discovered that true meditation has nothing to do with concentration or contemplation. He developed a simple and effortless technique which allows everyone to naturally experience a state of inner peace and relaxation.

How does Transcendental Meditation work?

The 8 billion people who live on this planet are different from each other but there's one thing we all have in common: we want to be happy.
Happiness is like gravity: the mind will be drawn spontaneously to any enjoyable experience. The state of being yourself - returning home - is the most enjoyable state that exists for the mind, and the mind will naturally be drawn to this experience.
All we have to do is give the mind the right direction and allow this natural process to take place (i.e., we do not control the mind and do not concentrate).
People with hyperactive mind might think that they will never be able to calm their mind and be able to experience deep peace and inner happiness, but any person can experience deep silence and happiness within a number of sessions after learning the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Experiencing the transcendental - measurable inner happiness

Stress interferes with the normal functioning of the brain, and among other things causes a decrease in the production of the "happiness hormone", serotonin. Serotonin deficiency does not only affect our inner sense of happiness but is also associated with sleep disorders, migraines, anxiety, outbursts of anger, Alzheimer's disease, eating disorders, addictions, and many other health problems. Attempts can be made to artificially influence serotonin (as antidepressants do), but this can only treat the symptoms and not the root of the problem.
In contrast, Transcendental Meditation activates the healing abilities of the body so that the brain can function normally.
The result: an increase in the natural production of serotonin during Transcendental Meditation practice, and eventually throughout the day.

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Cameron Diaz | מדיטציה טרנסנדנטלית

Cameron Diaz

I took my whole family to study this meditation

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Martin Scorsese | מדיטציה טרנסנדנטלית

Martin Scorsese

Difficult to describe the effect it had on my life

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David lynch | מדיטציה טרנסנדנטלית

David lynch

The enjoyment of the doing, the enjoyment of life grows, huge!

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Oprah Winfrey | מדיטציה טרנסנדנטלית

Oprah Winfrey

I'm one thousand percent better when I do that

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Clint Estwood | מדיטציה טרנסנדנטלית

Clint Estwood

I am a great supporter of Transcendental Meditation

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Jerry Seinfeld | מדיטציה טרנסנדנטלית

Jerry Seinfeld

Its like having a cell phone and someone giving you the charger

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